Finance Matters has been designed to empower average people to take charge of their finances and to help them build the financial future to which they aspire.  To provide average hard working individuals with the tools that enable them to make informed financial decisions without being beholden to a specialist, who are more likely to do things that are in their own best interests and not necessarily you. 

The web-site is divided into different elements

  • Investment Management (the full gamut - from the stock market, mutual funds, bonds, bank accounts, real estate and a whole lot more)

  • Planning - where to start and how to do it

  • Understanding risk, not just in your portfolio but also inherent in your daily life

  • Spending wisely - a dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned

  • Borrowing

  • Insurance - is it always worth it?

  • Getting specialist guidance, understanding potential conflicts of interest

  • Challenges to the academic community 

The Ethos that Guide Finance Matters