The guiding principles at FM are:

  • To treat others as you would like to be treated.  

  • To provide honest advice based on sound reasoning


Discussion Forums

The editorial decision has been taken to control the content of the discussion forums, this is done to ensure that there is no misinformation or misuse of the forum. This policy is under constant review


Conflicts of Interest

FM has no vested interest in the sale of any products or services (other than through its consulting arm). Advertisements on this site are placed by third parties and FM has no relationship with the advertisers (other than the placement of the adverts) .


FM is not affiliated with any financial companies nor does it receive fees from such companies for recommendations or introductions to their services


FM may from time to time allow financial companies to advertise using banners posted to this website by third party advertising agencies.  FM does not explicitly endorse the services or financial products of these companies.
If any advertisement should cause offense FM whole heartedly apologies and requests the offended person to contact the editor identifying the advertisement in question and the nature of the offense.  If the editor is in agreement with the offended person then the editor will contact the advertising agency and request that they refrain from posting the offensive advertisement on FM.


FM asks it readers to apply common sense when reading the discussion forums.  

FM will make every endeavor to moderate the content of the forums.  It is FM's policy to not published forum content which advertises services or makes unjustified of investment prowess.

If an offer sounds to good to be true - it isn't true.


FM will moderate the content of its forums to ensure that the information provided is reliable, is not offensive or in violation of FM's principals.

Members should contact the editor, if anything slips through and the content will be removed whilst it is being thoroughly investigated


FM asks it readers not to disclose personal information in discussion forums.  
FM will NEVER ask for information through the discussion forums


FM does not charge for membership nonetheless it asks people to register.  FM does NOT use membership information for targeted advertising NOR does it share this information with any third parties.

So what's the benefit;

  • FM recognizes that many people would like to contribute to the conversation, but the dialogue must be managed - to avoid abuse, misinformation and to keep it on topic.

  • FM may use the information collected to identify subjects that people might find useful or informative.